The Creative Nonfiction Starter Guide

write creative + true stories

Write your first piece of nonfiction.

You’ve always known you wanted to write. Maybe you’ve played with fiction and realized it wasn’t for you. Maybe you tried your hand at poetry, but that didn’t feel right either. You want your writing to engage with the real world. You want to write about the things you see and experience, to share what you’ve learned, to tell your story.

But if you’re going to tell true stories, where do you start? Do you just write what you know? How can you tell if your story will be valuable or interesting to others? That’s where The Creative Nonfiction Starter Guide comes in.

The course will take you through:

  • A definition of creative nonfiction and what sets it apart
  • Why you would want to write it
  • Finding the stories you want to share
  • Exploring your writing style
  • Finding the perfect format for your stories

And then it will provide you with all the steps to write your first piece of nonfiction.

There are also some amazing bonuses:

  • Access to a writing support group on Facebook
  • A workbook to help you define your story
  • A list of recommended creative nonfiction reads
  • Example interview questions for gathering information
  • A list of my favourite writing tools

Your Instructor

Katy Togeretz
Katy Togeretz

After years of writing for blogs, magazines, online publications and everything in between, I’ve gained a pretty good understanding of how to get started writing nonfiction. I also know that writing is soul-refining work and I want you to experience that, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
You complete The Creative Nonfiction Starter Guide at your own pace. As soon as you sign up you’ll receive your login info and you can access all 9 lessons (and the bonuses).
What if the course doesn’t work for me?
If you don’t like the course and it doesn’t provide the information you need to write your first piece of nonfiction, you can contact us within 30 days for a full refund.
What format are the lessons in?
The lessons are all written content, built for you to read at your own pace. However, you also have lifetime access to the course—including any updates made in the future.

P.S. I know how important writing is to you and that the time and money you invest in it is precious. That’s why I created this course to maximize your success and allow you to write the stories you want to write.